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Three Throated Press

Litteraturcentrum kvu poetry publishing translation and veckans dikt
poesi imprint från Iconau press
Om Förlaget

Three Throated Press is a new poetry imprint from Iconau press. The home of the press is geographically perched on the marshes of the mouth of the river Tywi where she and two other rivers, the Taf and the Gwendraeth, share their voices in the chorus that is Carmarthen Bay. The press represents the choices that poets make in the spaces in between metaphorical concepts such as land and sea. The logo that represents the imprint is a three-headed heron. 

The heron is indigenous to the kaleidoscopic shorescape that exists between water and earth and this particular heron representing the triality of poetic language. The heron is a significant motif for the estuary between perceived realities and an otherworld; both a guardian and a sage that may help make choices such as marrying the farmer’s daughter or the mermaid. 

This imprint and the series of case bound pamphlets that it will produce is named for the words of Dylan Thomas in the opening lines of his poem “In The White Giant’s Thigh”. 

Through throats where many rivers meet, the curlews cry,

Under the conceiving moon, on the high chalk hill,

And there this night I walk in the white giant's thigh

Where barren as boulders women lie longing still

The villages of Llanybri and Llansaint, Glan-y-fferi and Llansteffan provided holiday homes for Thomas as a child and watering holes as an adult – their estuarial identities seeping into his work and his character.

The relationship between geography and human experience, the sensuous and the sensual are particular themes addressed by the three-throated series editor. However the content of the creative work that is represented in this series of volumes is in no sense constrained by either place or time. An estuarial identity is open and welcomes access to the contemporary, the classical or the conundrum, the immediate, the eternal or the lost moment, time, space or the fractal geometry of nature.

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