Coracle Europe Festival 2021

Coracle Europe is a pan-European partnership of arts and cultural organisations committed to ensuring that Wales remains creatively connected to Europe and beyond. Since 2018 this partnership has hosted an annual international arts festival in west Wales. In the face of the challenges of pandemic, our free festival of resilience will take place between 16 and 19 April 2021 online. The links to the digital platforms where you can join the Coracle Europe Festival and the event details can all be found at the festival program page here!

Programme All times listed are British Summertime Wednesday 14 and 16 April there will be festival special story care and share sessions hosted by People Speak up and facilitated by Rufus Mufasa

Friday 16 April

18.00 : Story Telling with Deirdre Wadding Enter a world of ancient Irish gods and heroes with a storytelling session by Deirde Wadding, mythological storyteller, poet and pagan priestess.

19.30 : Axelsson and Boberg Spread Worry The duo Axelsson och Boberg sprider oro is a collaboration between musician Magnus Axelsson and poet Christer Boberg, both living in Gothenburg, Sweden. The 16 minute text and sound piece, Hej orgel! (Hey organ!) was performed live during Tranås at the Fringe in October 2020. The recorded version is now premièring at the Coracle Europe Festival 2021.