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CASSETTE BOOK - Irena Frantal


While working with these letters, we are dealing with the treasure of the time and of the punk movement. Treasure must be put in a safety box, to be protected and kept.
The cassette is an iconic object of that time. Cassettes are protected within a plastic case. I used it as an origin of playing with a form of the book in this project.
Two books, back to back, containing the essence in their small formats. One: the strong visuality of the letters, with all the traces of the processes of writing, making mistakes, creasing, traveling, opening, tearing, reusing and keeping for years...
The other, a collection of found words, old ones and new ones. Born out of the collision of past-time thoughts and present reactions to them…

Cassette Book

250,00 krPris
  • Bandtyp




    Utgiven 2020
    Recensionsdag 14 oktober
    Genre Samtidskonst/Punk
    Sidor 68 & 102
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