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After Hiroshima and Nagasaki August 1945Bern porter hade enough of the Manhattan Project and its machinery surrounding building the nuclear bomb. After being hand picked at a recruting office in Newark, New Jersey 1942, where he was observed as a physicist who could conduct research on how to extract uranium, he was order to appear at a mysterious army office on broadway, new york. porter became a civil physiscist during the military intelligence and placed in the physics department at princeton university. The Manhattan Project took bern porter to other places in the US. Such as Oak Ridge, Tennessee and University of California in Berkley with Robert Oppenheimer himself as boss.

Bern Porter: poet, writer, scientist, artist, publisher etc

The Nuclear Age

War is a mental disorder of the
highest order, a public
manifestation that all who
arrange, direct, participate
are madly derange. The
insanaty touches us all and we
have nowhere to go.


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Kärnvapenepoken och andra dikter - Bern Porter

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    Utgiven 2022
    Språk Svenska
    Genre Poesi
    Sidor 44
  • Bern Porter

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