Pen & Paper - Punks in Print - Dominic Williams


To many people who were not directly involved, the punk scene of the 1980s was gratuitously aggressive, confrontational and anti-social. Welsh poet, Dominic Williams, was not a punk, but three decades later he was offered the opportunity to investigate the punk movement in the most intimate manner. He and three other artists were given exclusive access to an archive of the personal correspondence, written over a period of ten years, between young people from over 35 countries around the world, all closely allied by punk music and culture.


This volume is a hybrid of essay, memoir and poetry; responding to an international community’s common interest in hardcore music and also, a shared set of ethical, social equality and environmental values. In a largely pre-digital world, the exchanges of letters in the archive demonstrate how the expansion the principles of punk culture were realised in contemporary twenty-first century campaigns and movements such as Extinction Rebellion, Me Too, B